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    Fort Lewis College
    Sep 26, 2020  
2012 - 2013 Catalog of Courses 
2012 - 2013 Catalog of Courses [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Studies

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Coordinator - Gordon P. Cheesewright

Humanities Advisors:
Professors - Gordon P. Cheesewright (English), Robert R. Bunting (Southwest Studies), David L. Kozak (Anthropology), Kathryn S. Moller (Theatre), and Susan M. Moss (Art).
Associate Professors - Michael C. Anziano (Psychology), Lisa C. Campi (Music), Janine M. Fitzgerald  (Sociology), Jennifer A. Gehrman (English, Gender/Women’s Studies), Katherine D. Jetter (Music), Michael T. Martin (History), Dugald L. Owen (Philosophy), and Deborah L. Walker (Economics)
Assistant Professors - Kathleen Aguilar (Modern Languages), and Jennifer A. Stollman (Gender/Women’s Studies, History)

The Liberal Studies Major is a broad interdisciplinary major in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. It affords a sound education to those who wish a broad cultural grounding for the bachelor’s degree, for teaching and other aspects of education, for those preparing for graduate school, and for those contemplating careers in law, business, social service agencies like adult and family services, health and welfare organizations, criminal justice, research enterprises, or governmental service. The wide range of careers in liberal studies demand similar skills such as the ability to gather, categorize, and implement approaches to difficult problems; the ability to understand and analyze complex concepts and to arrive at sound, defensible judgments and decisions regarding them; and the ability to organize information, draw inferences, write persuasively, and fashion memorable presentations. 

All Liberal Studies Majors complete core and auxiliary requirements, the General Track. Some Liberal Studies Majors may also choose to complete any of three optional tracks that emphasize their particular interests. These tracks will be displayed on the student’s transcript when the major and track are completed.

Community Engagement Track. Students choosing this track, in addition to the General Option requirements, must take two CBLR-designated course sections not otherwise used to satisfy major requirements. Students will work closely with their advisers and are encouraged to discuss how to maximize community engagement experiences. This option emphasizes the college goal of action as an outcome of liberal study. 

Honors Track. This track combines the broad freedom of choice of a Liberal Studies Major with the intensive, interdisciplinary focus of Honors courses. This option emphasizes writing in the context of broad interdisciplinary studies.

Interdisciplinary Track. Students choosing this track, in addition to the core and auxiliary Liberal Studies requirements, must take two introductory interdisciplinary courses from the following: ENVS 100, Introduction to Environmental Studies, GWS 101, Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies, and NAIS 110, Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies. Students will work closely with their advisers and are encouraged to discuss how to maximize interdisciplinary experiences. This option emphasizes preparation for further cultural and/or interdisciplinary studies.

Core Requirements for a Liberal Studies Major:   Students are expected to complete 30 credits in a Primary concentration and 12 credits in each of two secondary concentrations. Students take the Senior Seminar in their primary concentration and should check carefully with their advisers to be sure that they complete the departmental prerequisites for that course. Students seeking a second major cannot choose the disciplines used as primary or secondary concentrations within their Liberal Studies Major. However, courses used in a primary or secondary concentration may count toward both the Liberal Studies Major and the General Education requirements. The disciplines from which students may choose concentrations within the liberal studies major are listed below. Please note any restrictions, requirements, or exceptions indicated for each discipline.


Liberal Studies Major 

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