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2021-2022 Catalog of Courses
Fort Lewis College
    Dec 06, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog of Courses 
2021-2022 Catalog of Courses [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Associate Dean: Paul Clay

Advising Coordinator: Paul Clay, Associate Dean
Professors: Stephanie Owings and Deborah Walker
Assistant Professor: Wade Litt

Economists study how societies distribute scarce resources to produce goods and services. The Economics Major  provides students with an understanding of economic principles underlying the vast business world, as well as the relationships between economics and business decision making in the national and global economies. Small classes, internship opportunities, personal attention from expert faculty, and a curriculum that balances theory and practical applications all contribute to graduates being prepared for successful graduate study and careers, including work in private business or governmental settings.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the Economics degree  program are designed so that students will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge in the field of study:
    a. Objective 1 - Knowledge of the economy, the principles of economics.
    b. Objective 2 - Knowledge of the definitions and terms used in both microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  2. Employ analytical and/or quantitative tools to critically analyze economic events and policy:
    a. Objective 1 - Apply the concept of opportunity cost when analyzing economic outcomes.
    b. Objective 2 - Determine possible economic outcomes of a government policy.
  3. Utilize appropriate channels of communication to effectively convey economic analysis conclusions.
  4. Demonstrate teamwork skills by providing valuable contributions to projects produced in a collaborative environment.


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Major in Economics

Economics Major  

Minor in Economics

Economics Minor