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    Sep 26, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog of Courses 
2021-2022 Catalog of Courses [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adventure Education Major


Liberal Arts Core - Credits: 33

See Liberal Arts Core  for course choices

First-Year Launch Course FLC FLC 100  (Credits: 1)
Communication CO1/CO2 COMP 150 p and any one approved 
        or CO2p course (Credits: 6)
  CO2/CO3 Any one approved CO2p course and any one approved 
    CO3p course (Credits: 6)
Mathematics MA1 MATH 132 p (Credits: 3)
Arts & Humanities AH Any one approved AH course (Credits: 3)
Arts & Humanities AH One additional approved AH course (Credits: 3)
History HI Any one approved HI course (Credits: 3)
Social & Behavioral Sciences SS Any one approved SS course (Credits: 3)
AH/HI/SSb AH or HI or SS One additional approved AHb or HIb or SSb course (Credits: 3)
Natural & Physical Sciences SC1 Any one approved SC1 course (Credits: 4)
  SC1 or SC2 Any one approved SC1 or SC2 course (Credits: 3-4)

Major Requirements: Credits: 57

Major Electives:

Complete of a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits between the Outdoor Skills and Management courses and the Professional Preparation courses, with the following restrictions:

  • Complete a minimum of nine (9) of the Outdoor Skills & Management courses, at least three (3) of these courses must be upper division.
  • Complete a minimum of nine (9) credits of the Professional Preparation Courses, with at least six (6) credits in AE 480 .

Auxiliary Course:

Upper Division Requirement - Credits: 36

Among the total required courses, at least 36 credits must be upper division (300- and 400-level) courses. This major will require additional courses to meet the upper division requirement.

Free Electives - Credits: Variable


a Check course description for minimum grade in prerequisite course(s) required to enroll in this course.

b A minimum of 15 credits of coursework must be completed in the combined areas of AH/HI/SS.

e AE 201 , AE 210 , AE 220 AE 230  and an additional AE course (determined each year) are offered as a 15-credit block of courses taken as co-requisites fall semester. During these block terms, students are not able to enroll in any additional courses, and there may be limitations on extracurricular or job involvements.

f Check course description for prerequisite course requirements.

Note: Among the total credits required for graduation, at least 36 credits must be upper division (300- and 400-level) courses.

Note: Students completing the Liberal Arts Core in fewer than 33 credits will have additional free electives.

Note: Students who have met a prerequisite or required course through transfer, examinations, or assessment of prior learning will have additional free electives.

Note: Candidates for admission to the Adventure Education program compete for available spots within the degree program. It is possible for students to meet all admittance requirements and still not be accepted into the program. See the Program Director for further details.