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    Fort Lewis College
  Jan 19, 2018
2013 - 2014 Catalog of Courses [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Department Chair: Michael C. Anziano

Professors: Beverly R. Chew, Betty J. Dorr, and Thomas A. Skurky
Associate Professors: Michael C. Anziano, Brian A. Burke, Susan M. Kraus, Sharon R. Sears, Ava J. Santos and Janice L. Templeton

The Psychology major is designed to meet the needs of many students, all of whom have an interest in the scientific study of behavior and its causes, which is the most general definition of modern psychology. Some students may wish to pursue psychology in depth; others may prefer to approach psychology from a more general interdisciplinary perspective within the liberal arts tradition.

The needs of all psychology students are addressed by a major that is demanding, yet flexible; a major that ensures exposure to current thinking and techniques of modern psychology, but at the same time allows students to explore their own interests and set their own goals. Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisors to meet their academic and professional goals.

If you are interested in graduate school and planning to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in the content area of psychology, the following classes are strongly recommended: PSYC 254 PSYC 327 , PSYC 342 PSYC 383 , PSYC 387 , PSYC 425  and PSYC 441 .

A minor in Psychology is available for students majoring in other disciplines.

Majors and Minors in Psychology:

Psychology Major 

Psychology Minor 

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