Nov 17, 2019  
2010 - 2011 Catalog of Courses 
2010 - 2011 Catalog of Courses [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Native American and Indigenous Studies

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Coordinator: Richard M. Wheelock

Associate Professor - Richard M. Wheelock
Assistant Professor - Majel Boxer

Native American and Indigenous Studies comprises an interdisciplinary major and minor committed to broadening the knowledge of students interested in the cultures, arts, languages, histories and contemporary realities facing indigenous nations.


Students are prepared through challenging curriculum to participate in Native self-determination processes in many fields of study and in many careers in or near Indigenous communities, in Native serving institutions, or in graduate studies.  The unique conditions created by the long history of Indian affairs and the present policies of self-determination warrant a special orientation to the cultural, social, political and economic aspirations and potential of America’s indigenous peoples, and to the parallel and contrasting experiences of Indigenous peoples worldwide.


This interdisciplinary major and minor embrace the concepts and methodologies of American Indian Studies, Native American Studies, and Indigenous Peoples Studies.  It relies upon the excellent faculty of a number of departments of Fort Lewis College for portions of its curriculum.


Students who major in Native American and Indigenous Studies will be required to take a minimum of 45 credits, including the required core courses and at least two courses from each of the three conceptual distribution areas listed within the major requirements.  At least 27 credits must be numbered 300 or above.


A minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies is available to students majoring in other disciplines.

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