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    Feb 07, 2023  
2008 - 2009 Catalog of Courses 
2008 - 2009 Catalog of Courses [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Constructed Majors

Contact the Coordinator for Student Constructed Majors, Dr. Robert R. Bunting.

The Student Constructed Major (SCM) allows a student to design a major to meet specific needs and purposes that cannot be met in any other way. The SCM is interdisciplinary in nature and differs substantially from established curriculum course combinations and emphases already available through major, minors, and electives. The major may include course offerings from any of the schools (Behavioral and Natural Sciences; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; or Business Administration) and courses from the Teacher Education Department.

The Student Constructed Major is designed in consultation with the SCM Coordinator, who will guide the student to the appropriate faculty advisor depending on subject and/or course content of the major. The formal contract for the Student Constructed Major must be submitted prior to petitioning for graduation (80 credits, approximately the end of the first term of the junior year). The SCM contract must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor, the SCM coordinator, the Registrar (or designee), the Dean of the appropriate school, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee). On the final transcript, the major will appear as “Student Constructed Major -“ followed by the title of the Student Constructed Major.

Student Constructed majors are comprised of a minimum of 44 credits of course work. The coursework must include at least two credits of an appropriate departmental senior seminar (496) or a senior year independent study (499). Forty percent of courses must be numbered 300 or above. EGC courses (Education for Global Citizenship) may not be used to satisfy any major requirements.

Students interested in a Student Constructed major must begin the process through the Registrar’s Office, 160 Miller Student Services, 970-247-7350.


General Education - Credits: 39

See General Education Requirements .

Specific Requirements for the Major:

Minimum of 44 credits of course work (must include at least two credits of a 496 Senior Seminar or a 499 Independent Study taken during the senior year) - Credits: 44

Free Electives (variable)


Note to transfer and former students: If you have taken any of your major requirements and received a different number of credits than listed above, you may need to complete additional major credit requirements.