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    Feb 26, 2024  
2015 - 2016 Catalog of Courses 
2015 - 2016 Catalog of Courses [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Major - Secondary Drama Teaching Option

This option will be discontinued effective Fall 2016. No students will be allowed to declare this option.


Liberal Arts Core - Credits: 39

See Liberal Arts Core  for course choices

Communication CO1/CO2 Any one approved CO1a course and any one approved 
        or CO2a course  (Credits: 7 - 10)
  CO2/CO3 Any one approved CO2a course and any one approved 
    CO3a course  (Credits: 7 - 8)
Mathematics MA1 Any one approved MA1 course (Credits: 4)
Arts & Humanities AHb THEA 126 c and THEA 240 (Credits: 8)
History HIb Any one approved HI course  (Credits: 4)
Social & Behavioral Sciences SSb Any one approved SS course  (Credits: 4)
Natural & Physical Sciences SC1 Any one approved SC1 course  (Credits: 4)
  SC1 or SC2 Any one approved SC1 or SC2 course  (Credits: 3 - 4)
Physical Well-Being PE/ES Any one PE course or ES 100   (Credits: 1)

Major Requirements: Credits: 83

Complete four credits from the following:

Auxiliary Requirements:

Free Electives - Credits: Variable


a Check course description for minimum grade in prerequisite course(s) required to enroll in this course.

b A minimum of 15 credits of coursework must be completed in the combined areas of AH/HI/SS.

c This Liberal Arts Core course is required by the major.  To complete the degree in the specified total credits for graduation, students must use this course to fulfill the requirements of both the Liberal Arts Core and the major.

d This course fulfills both a Major requirement and a Liberal Arts Core requirement. Credits for this course are counted in the Liberal Arts Core section of the curriculum listing. These credits are not counted in the Major Requirements total.

e Of the four credit hours chosen from THEA 300  or THEA 400 , two of these credits should be in technical theatre and two in performance.

g A grade of C or better will be accepted for theatre courses.

h Students must complete ED 222  and ED 322  with a B- or better for admission to the Teacher Education Licensure Program.

i Admission to Teacher Education required for enrolling in 400 level courses.

Note: Among the total credits required for graduation, at least 36 credits must be upper division (300- and 400-level) courses.

Note: Students completing the Liberal Arts Core in fewer than 39 credits will have additional free electives.

Note: Students who have met a prerequisite or required course through transfer, examinations, or assessment of prior learning will have additional free electives.

Note: Some special grade and GPA requirements exist for admission to the Teacher Education Licensure Program  and permision to student teach.